Carol Goldman with the golf ball she used to ace...

Carol Goldman with the golf ball she used to ace the 16th hole at Willow Creek Golf and Country Club. Her playing partners were Ken Bordieri, left, and Brandon Carmody. Credit: Carol Goldman

Carol Goldman made good on 67 million to one odds on Sept. 11. 

That day the Willow Creek Golf and Country Club member made two holes-in-one in the same round at her home club. According to the National Hole-in-One Registry, 67 million to one are the odds of that happening.

"On hole number two, 95 yards with an 8-iron,” the Setauket resident said.  “The two guys I was playing with [Brandon Carmody and Ken Bordieri] were playing from the tips, they were just walking to the cart and their view was blocked by a bunker. I saw it take once bounce and hop in.

“On hole 16 over water, 90 yards, same eight 8-iron and I just cleared the water, it wasn’t a particularly beautiful shot. Hit in the rough and rolled straight up. We could all see it, perfectly, just rolled in the hole probably 15 yards.”

Goldman, a retired high school math teacher in the Bethpage district, has been playing golf for 29 years and making aces isn’t exactly new to her. She says she made a hole-in-one in the first round she ever played at Bethpage Yellow on the fourth hole. Her Willow Creek aces are the fifth and sixth of her career. 

And what was her score for the round.

“I don’t want to tell you!,” she responded.

“What was it, c’mon?”

“It was a 93.

“There were a lot of distractions. The ranger is going around the course telling everybody, people are yelling to me from other holes. It was like so much adrenaline going through after the first one, no less the second.”

Goldman says she plays four or five times a week. She's deeply involved in the game. 

“I am the chair for the MGA course rating team for women on Long Island,” she said. “The last couple of weeks have been pretty amazing. I’ve been at Fresh Meadow, Atlantic, National and this coming Monday it’s Sebonack.”

If she hits a few shots on par 3 holes, look out.

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