Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan attend the 2013 Fox Sports...

Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan attend the 2013 Fox Sports Media Group Upfront after party at Roseland Ballroom on March 5, 2013 in New York City. Credit: Getty Images

Michael Strahan's media career continues to expand, from his morning talk show with Kelly Ripa to regular appearances on "Good Morning America" to the announcement that he will be appear in the upcoming film "Magic Mike XXL."

Now he is an executive producer on the episode of HBO's "State of Play" documentary series that premieres Tuesday.

And don't forget his cancelled 2009 sitcom, "Brothers."

But even with all that, the recently inducted Hall of Famer has no plans to give up his original post-football media gig on "Fox NFL Sunday," never mind that it requires weekly round trip commutes from New York to Southern California.

"Of course, of course, absolutely," he said Thursday before a screening of "State of Play" when asked if he plans to keep analyzing football despite everything else going on in his professional life.

"There's nothing like football, man; there's nothing like football and nothing like the guys. Even with the commute. I love the commute, because it's my quiet time and I enjoy being in California. It's like being bi-coastal.

"I enjoy it and it works for me. So it's just my life. It's something I chose to do. And it's not full time. I mean, it's not year-round. It's like five or six months. And I enjoy every weekend I'm in L.A. talking football."

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