WFAN afternoon radio host Mike Francesa at the beginning of...

WFAN afternoon radio host Mike Francesa at the beginning of his show. (June 19, 2012) Credit: Craig Ruttle

Prompted by a caller, Mike Francesa responded on his WFAN show Thursday to recent criticism from Michael Kay, his ESPN New York afternoon counterpart.

Kay repeatedly called him a liar on the air Wednesday, and Francesa was the subject of persistent tweaks from his own station's morning show, featuring Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.

Here is what Francesa said:

"I'm not worried about people who are petty, jealous or whatever. Let the record show, if they've accomplished what I've accomplished, God bless them. They want to match resumes? They can match three things: resumes, longevity, ratings, paychecks. And when I look at any of those areas, I'll match them anytime. Bring it on. We'll look at all those areas and we'll see who's winning.

" . . . I don't listen to any of it. If you listen to it, it's just silly . . . I don't take it seriously because I don't have any respect for where it's coming from . . . You haven't heard me mention anybody else's name on the air here. Oh, I did mention Boomer and Carton once last week, but that was just in passing . . . but you will never hear me mention -- I've never mentioned any other station. I do not do that. I never do, because you know what, I've never even noticed them.

"[ESPN New York Radio has] never even been on the landscape as far as I'm concerned. I've never even seen them. I can't even find them in the rearview mirror. Never have in 20 years. Still can't find them, so what am I worried about? . . . I've been on the same show 28 years. I was No. 1 in 1989 with Dog [Chris Russo]. I'm No. 1 today. Last time I looked, it's 2014. I'm still No. 1. I've got a long-term contract, beautiful family. I've got Mink [update announcer John Minko] here. What else would I want? Here's the Mink Man.''

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