Some random stuff, then I have to leave for Newsday's morale-boosting staff outing to the Fun Zone in Farmingdale.

(Do the bumper cars operate this time of year? If so, I want a piece of Glauber.)

Will the NHL get a boost from the Olympics? Too soon to tell, obviously, but the first game back, Detroit vs. Denver Monday night, averaged 0.5 percent of homes and about 400,000 viewers on Versus - 67 percent and 41 percent above the network's season averages, respectively.

Cool stuff via Fang's Bites breaking down the ratings from Sunday's game by the quarter hour. During OT, 42 percent of TVs in use in the New York area - and 51 percent in Boston - were watching hockey.

Speaking of icers, LI hockey maven Dave Starman recently worked a college game for the Big Ten Network on which his fiance, Shireen Saski, was the rinkside reporter. Starman emailed this morning to report the experience was "tremendous" and "very unique."

John Feinstein and Michael Wilbon are feuding.

Madison Square Garden reportedly is asking more than $1 million apiece for the new top-of-the-line suites that are part of the building's ongoing renovation.

Fans paid to send a Washington-area sportswriter to Florida to cover Nationals spring training.

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