Now ESPN has released the information that Barack Obama picked UConn to beat Stanford in the women's NCAA final, even though his interview on that subject with Doris Burke isn't scheduled to be televised until Friday morning.

Some quotes ESPN sent from the interview:

On Princeton ties:
Burke: We’ve got to revisit Princeton, because a man with your schedule, you don’t need husband of the year points, but you didn’t even advance her alma mater through to the second round.
President Obama: You know, Michelle went to Princeton, my brother-in-law went to Princeton, and so I’m surrounded by these Princeton Tigers who are always talking about Princeton, so I just decided – ENOUGH – I can’t be a booster all the time.
On the Connecticut Huskies:
President Obama: Well I’ve watched UConn. I saw them, they came here last year after they had won the Championship. Wonderful young women, obviously a great coach and a great program, and so I’ve been watching them throughout the season, and I think it’s fair to say that they’re the best team in all of sports right now.
On Tennessee-Connecticut rivalry
Burke: Before we move on, you realize there’s a bit of a Cold War between these two programs.
President Obama: Of course, I do
Burke: Now, no one in Women’s basketball would object to an executive order demanding that they play in the regular season – you’re OK with that, we’re OK with that.
President Obama: It is interesting. Doris, you’ve got to tell me the story, why is it that they don’t schedule a game during the regular season against each other since they’re the two top programs?
Burke: I think they care for each other as much as Republicans and Democrats.

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