SCOTT BORAS, Baseball agentThough he can normally count on the...

SCOTT BORAS, Baseball agent
Though he can normally count on the Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers as high bidders for his clients, Scott Boras barely heard from the two cash-strapped teams this offseason. "Normally they're in the steaks sections, and I found them in the fruits and nuts category a lot," Boras said.
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MSG’s series “The Lineup” returns Sunday for a run of eight consecutive nights, this time on the subject of “Hits & Errors – The Best and Worst Deals in New York Baseball.’’

The panel that will discuss these matters includes Fran Healy, Tony La Russa, historian Dave Kaplan and . . . Scott Boras? Really? The world’s most notoriously tough, powerful sports agent, as a local TV personality?

“It’s not something I would say is in the genre of my norm,’’ he said when I asked about the unusual gig. He said the opportunity to spend time with La Russa talking baseball was a lure.

Beyond that, might the show help humanize him in the eyes of fans who view him as a bit of an, um, ogre?

“I hadn’t really thought about it that way,’’ he said. But it couldn’t hurt. “I speak at a lot of law schools and things like that and always get the common statement, ‘You’re not at all what I thought.’’’

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