I mentioned in my newspaper potpourri that Tim McCarver crossed an unfortunate line Saturday when he compared the Yankees' "airbrushing" of Joe Torre to the actions of Nazi and Stalinist leaders during World War II.

But I didn't make as big a deal over the remarks as have some other scribes, radio hosts and fans.

I admit it: One of my flaws - or maybe it's a strength - as a journalist is that I lack the gene for proper indignation over politically incorrect speech and writing.

Dating to my days on an ultra-liberal college campus at the dawn of the Reagan Era, I forever underestimate people's reaction to this kind of stuff.

I'd tell everyone to "chill," but of course, that would be politically incorrect.

Anyway, McCarver has admitted his comparison was over the top and Fox has no plans to take action.

The more interesting question is whether the substance of McCarver's comments about his old pal Torre was correct.

Have the Yankees written Torre out of their history in the wake of his messy departure and subsequent book about his Yankee years?

While McCarver overstated the matter, he mostly is right.

It's true that there are some pictures of Torre around the Stadium.

But it's also true that the Yankees and YES have made a point of giving Torre a lower profile in Yankees-land than would be expected given his accomplishments.

This too shall pass, of course. Once Torre retires from managing he'll be invited to Old-Timers' Day and get a nice hand.

Unlike many German and Russian generals during World War II. 

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