For years I have complained to friends and relatives about the way the media often is portrayed in movies and TV shows - as a braying pack of wolves chaotically shouting questions at some beleaguered public figure accused of wrongdoing.

I have had to explain that reality is a lot more boring, and organized, than that in my world.

Most formal news conferences involve a moderator patiently calling on reporters in turn, then asking that said reporter please wait for the microphone to arrive so that everyone can hear his or her question.

Then came Anthony Weiner's public mea culpa Monday. I'll let the political writers analyze the fallout, but from my media reporter perch the most shocking thing was the complete breakdown in decorum.

It was a surreal scene out of one of the movies I have accused of a lack of realism.

By the end reporters were shouting questions - some of them lewd and mocking - even as Weiner tried to complete his previous answer.

Good heavens! Who the heck was in charge of this mess? But I will say this: It was excellent theater.

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