Stephan Bonnar talks with journalists at the end of UFC...

Stephan Bonnar talks with journalists at the end of UFC 153 open workouts in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. (Oct. 10, 2012) Credit: Getty

It's debate season in the world of politics, and should such arguing trickle down into your MMA circles and you happen to find yourself on the side of showing support for Stephan Bonnar against Anderson Silva at UFC 153, these are some of the talking points you should cite:

- Bonnar has never been finished by another fighter in the octagon. (A doctor did stop two of his fights, though.)

- Bonnar made be a bleeder, but he moves forward, pushes the pace and will keep Silva from getting comfortable quickly.

- Bonnar has a good ground game, and he's a bigger body than Chael Sonnen or others that Silva is used to fighting.

- Silva won't take this fight seriously since he's a 14-1 favorite.

- Matt Serra beat Georges St-Pierre.

- Douglas, James "Buster."

- Bonnar has absolutely nothing to lose seeing how he was basically retired before getting this fight because the main and co-main events were canceled.

- Bonnar's wife, Andrea, is due to deliver the couple's child at the end of month, so there's that whole "Win, Rocky, Win" parallel.

- Silva's camp was seen at the sports books in Las Vegas betting big on Bonnar.

Remember folks, it's a debate. You know, the place where you can say whatever you want and then let the fact checkers figure out the next day what's true and what's not. For Silva and Bonnar, the fact checking will occur Saturday night in Brazil.

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