Remember notable Long Islanders who recently died.

Credit: Newsday / Martha Guevara

José M. Guevara of Lindenhurst died Aug. 12 at the age of 95.

Credit: U.S. Marines

Sgt. Robert Hendriks, of Locust Valley, died with two other Marine reservists when their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb near the main U.S. base in Afghanistan on April 8, 2019.

Credit: Mammen family

The Rev. T. Chacko Mammen with his wife, Wilsy, in an undated photo.

Thomas Gulotta

Credit: Newsday/Dick Kraus

Thomas Gulotta, whose personal touch with voters kept him as Nassau's county executive for 14 years before criticism over his handling of a fiscal crisis drove him from office in 2001, died Aug. 4, 2019. Gulotta, shown in a 1997 photo, was 75.

Ginger Crowe

Credit: Kenneth Crowe

Rae Lord "Ginger" Crowe, a nurse practitioner and longtime professor of nursing who became an early advocate of therapeutic touch, died Aug. 4, 2019, of complications from dementia. Crowe, shown in an undated photo, was 85.

D.A. Pennebaker

Credit: AP / Invision / Jordan Strauss

D.A. Pennebaker, the Oscar-winning documentary maker whose historic contributions to American culture and politics included immortalizing a young Bob Dylan in "Don't Look Back" and capturing the spin behind Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign in "The War Room," died Aug. 1, 2019 of natural causes. Pennebaker, shown in a 2012 photo, was 94.

Craig Plunkett

Credit: Meru Networks

Craig Plunkett, a former Cablevision executive who played a major role in delivering Wi-Fi hot spots around Long Island, died July 28, 2019, of pancreatic cancer. Plunkett, shown in an undated photo, was 56.

Karl Kampe

Credit: Newsday/Kathy Kmonicek

Karl Kampe Jr., longtime Nassau County Civil Service Commission head, died July 29, 2019. Kampe, of Glen Cove, shown in a 1991 photo, was 75.

Frank Ohman

Credit: Newsday /Jim Peppler

Frank Ohman, of Centerport, who danced with the San Francisco Ballet and the New York City Ballet before starting a company and a school on Long Island, died of natural July 22, 2019. Ohman, shown in a 2008 photo, was 80.

David L. Ferguson

Credit: Stony Brook University

David L. Ferguson, of Port Jefferson, pioneer for minority students at Stony Brook University, died July 12, 2019, apparently of a heart attack. Ferguson, shown in an undated photo, was 69.

Helen Greene

Credit: Greene family

Helen Greene, of Glen Cove, an educator for 42 years, died July 7, 2019, of complications from congestive heart failure and a blood infection. She was 92.

Philip Bernstein

Credit: Adam Bernstein

Software programmer Philip Bernstein, of Long Island City, Queens, died July 24, 2019, of undetermined causes. He was 24.

Marjorie K. Behrman

Credit: Behrman family

Marjorie Behrman, a retired actuary who lived in Plainview for almost half a century, died July 17, 2019, after a short illness. She was 96.

Credit: Roberta Molino

World War II veteran Herbert Klein served in the U.S. Army for more than two years and was awarded multiple medals.

Thomas J. Fennessy

Credit: Kristen Fennessy

Thomas J. Fennessy, a retired NYPD sergeant who worked in the 9/11 recovery efforts at Ground Zero, died July 19, 2019 after a battle with the brain cancer glioblastoma. Fennessy, shown in a 2017 photo, was 64.

Raymond LaCasse

Credit: LaCasse family

Raymond LaCasse, of Rockville Centre, who went on to fight in the critical Battle of the Bulge, was wounded during the December 1944 clash and received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, died July 13, 2019, three days shy of his 95th birthday.

Robert Grable

Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Robert Grable, the principal of Mount Sinai High School and a former professional baseball player who nearly made it to the big leagues but later devoted himself to teaching children, died July 19, 2019. Grable, shown in a 2013 file photo, was 49.

Credit: Lisanti family

Florence Lisanti, of New Hyde Park, died June 26, 2019, after a near-decade-long battle with dementia. She was 91.

Liza Quane

Credit: Quane family

Poerating-room nurse and family mentor Hideliza A. Quane, known as Liza, died June 26, 2019 after a long struggle with respiratory complications of Parkinson's disease. She was 80.

Bob Dransite

Credit: Linda Creighton

Bob Dransite, a well-established Long Island musician and passionate music educator who once performed for a president and played in backup bands for the famous, died July 8, 2019, after a brief illness. Dransite, shown in a undated photo, was 86.

Dari Schwartz

Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Dari Schwartz, the highly regarded former chief of the Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Bureau for the Suffolk district attorney's office, died July 6, 2019. Schwartz, shown in a 2011 photo, was 62.

Bill Van Haintze

Credit: Newsday/Jim O'Rourke

Bill Van Haintze, an old-fashioned, quintessential crime reporter who drank with cops, wore a trench coat and carried rolls of quarters in his pockets for pay phone calls to Newsday's editors, died June 10, 2019. Van Hanitze, shown in a 1979 file photo, was 94.

Luis Alvarez

Credit: AP

Retired New York police detective and 9/11 responder Luis Alvarez died June 29, 2019 after a three-year battle with cancer that he believed was caused by working at the World Trade Center after the attacks. Alvarez, shown in a June 11, 2019 photo, was 53.

Anthony Estrema

Credit: Roma Art Studio/Pauline Roma

Anthony "Andy" Estrema, a decorated former Marine Corps sergeant who lost his toes to the cold in the Korean War, and nearly lost his life because of bullet wounds that temporarily paralyzed him during the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, died June 26, 2019. Estrema, shown in a 1951 photo with wife Rosemarie, was 90.

Peter Sammarco

Credit: Beth Halisey

Retired teacher and church groundskeeper Peter Sammarco, of Rocky Point, died June 24, 2019. Sammarco, shown in an undated photo with his wife, Janet, was 88.

Credit: Newsday/Karen Wiles Stabile

Weyman B. "Sandy" Jones, a novelist, fisherman and former Grumman Corp. public affairs executive who helped derail a hostile takeover attempt, died June 9, 2019. Jones, shown in a 2006 photo, was 91.

Credit: Mike LaSpina

John LaSpina, a Newsday pressman for more than four decades and an outspoken labor union leader from Hicksville, died June 21. 2019, of cancer. He was 76.

Paul LeSueur

Credit: Newsday

Paul LeSueur, of Garden City, a longtime athletic director and coach at multiple Long Island high schools, died June 10, 2019, of a stroke he suffered on June 5. He was 70.

Bernard Marsh

Credit: Jerry Taliaferro

Actor, director and author Bernard J. Marsh, who fought racial injustice on the stage at every opportunity and founded a theater group on Long Island, died of cancer June 9, 2019. He was 77.

Murray Polner

Credit: Rob Polner

Murray Polner, of Great Neck, a longtime pacifist, anti-war writer and activist, died on May 31, 2019. He was 91.

Edwin Kaufman

Credit: Linda Simmons

Edwin Kaufman, who worked as a litigator and trial attorney as a partner at Kalman, Kaufman and Rosenblatt, died June 1, 2019. He was 93.

Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Melissa Marchese, a Shoreham-Wading River High School senior seriously hurt in a car accident on her way to a school ceremony, died of her injuries June 14, 2019. Marchese, shown in a March 2017 file photo, was 18.

Frances Hornberger

Credit: Ed Betz

Triplet Frances Hornberger, a lifetime resident of Floral Park, where she worked first as a schoolteacher and later as a librarian, died June 2, 2019. Hornberger, left, shown in a 2010 file photo with sisters Marguerite Miller and Catherine Roth, was 98.

Marc J. Silbert

Credit: David Nicholas of Fifth Avenue Digital

Marc J. Silbert, Sands Point village trustee, police commissioner and chief emergency manager, died June 8, 2019, of heart illness. He was 68.

Barbara Chu

Credit: Chu family

Longtime educator Barbara Chu, who served in many posts in the Mount Sinai and William Floyd school districts throughout her career, died May 26, 2019. She was 82.

William James Leahy

Credit: New York Port Authority

William James Leahy, a longtime Port Authority officer involved in the rescue and recovery efforts after the 9/11 attacks, died June 6, 2019, of cancer. Leahy, shown in an undated photo, was 49.

Marilyn Kopp-Hecker

Credit: Ryan Trismen

Social justice activist Marilyn Kopp-Hecker died May 18, 2019, of pneumonia. She was 81.

Laura Mansi

Credit: Newsday / Jim Peppler

Laura Mansi, a grassroots civic leader who led successful fights to shut down Long Island's only state prison and block the controversial Multi-Town waste-to-energy project at the former Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, died May 17, 2019 at the end of a two-year battle with Parkinson's disease. Mansi, shown in a 2007 file photo, was 75.

Patrick Howard

Credit: Margaret (Peggy) Ostermann

Patrick W. Howard, a former dean of students at Massapequa High School and a lifeguard for decades at Gilgo and Overlook beaches, died April 20, 2019 of a heart attack, only days before his 62nd birthday.

Philip Reine

Credit: Audrey Cohen

World War II veteran Philip Reine, a longtime educator in Roslyn Heights and Syosset, died May 19, 2019. He was 92.

Credit: Newsday / Dick Kraus

Warren Greene, a one-time spokesman and strategist to some of Suffolk's top Republican politicians who had a flair for the dramatic, died May 26, 2019, of a heart attack. Greene, shown in a 1999 file photo, was 77.

Baby Jane Dexter

Credit: Getty Images/Henry S. Dziekan III

Baby Jane Dexter, a cabaret singer who overwhelmed audiences with her robust vocal style and eclectic repertoire and who brought a tortured sense of poignancy to torch songs, died May 21,2019. Dexter, shown in a 2010 photo, was 72.

Jane E. Serio

Credit: Geri Serio Davison

Jane E. Serio, who worked close to 20 years for the Town of Hempstead's senior enrichment department, where she managed a summer beach program and oversaw the Bellmore Senior Center, died April 24, 2019. She was 88.

Kathleen Kerr

Credit: Newsday/Andreas C. Constantinou

Kathleen Kerr, a New York City native who lived in Bronxville for the past two decades and worked for Newsday for nearly 40 years, died May 22, 2019 of ovarian cancer. Kerr, shown in a 2007 file photo, was 71.

Jeffrey Ratner

Credit: Denise Nash

Jeffrey Ratner, a beloved educator in the Jericho school district where he was assistant principal in the high school and former principal of the Robert Seaman elementary school, died of an apparent heart attack on May 9, 2019. He was 71.

Martha Harris

Credit: Seth Harris

Librarian and teacher Martha Harris, who had lived more than 50 years in Roslyn Heights, died May 13, 2019, apparently of dementia-related causes. Harris, shown in a 2014 photo, was 94.

Ashley Massaro

Credit: MediaPunch / IPx/George Napolitano

Ashley Massaro, a former World Wrestling Entertainment star who was a "Survivor" contestant, a magazine cover model, and most recently a Long Island disc jockey, died May 16, 2019. Massaro, shown in a 2017 photo, was 39.

Rob Oliveri

Credit: Oliveri family

Community leader Rob Oliveri, of Baldwin, died May 6, 2019 of a heart attack while on the job for the town of Hempstead. He was 51.

Mickey Crowley

Credit: Terri Crowley

Longtime college basketball referee Mickey Crowley, who officiated the 1989 and 1991 NCAA national championship games, died May 5, 2019. He was 85.

Mary Langhorn

Credit: Randee Daddona

Mary Langhorn, whose son Garfield Langhorn was posthumously awarded the blue-ribboned Medal of Honor because of his heroism in the Vietnam War, died May 4, 2019. Langhorn, shown in an October 2018 photo, was 95.

Ken Leistner

Credit: Newsday / Dan Goodrich

Ken Leistner, the internationally known, pioneering strength coach, champion powerlifter, chiropractor, consultant to half a dozen NFL teams and author from East Rockaway, died unexpectedly on April 6, 2019. Leistner, shown in January 2003, was 71.

Joan Echausse

Credit: Echausse family

Joan Echausse, a longtime Westbury resident who devoted much of her life to serving others through the Catholic church, died May 5, 2019 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Echausse, mother of eight and widow of former Westbury Deputy Mayor Paul Echausse, was 84.

Franco Purita

Credit: Doug Young

Franco G. Purita, the owner of D'latte Cafe in Greenport and a prolific Long Island restaurateur, died April 30, 2019 after a months-long battle with cancer. Purita, shown in a June 2012 file photo, was 53.

Raymond L. Griffin

Credit: SCPD

Raymond L. Griffin Jr., former president and one of the founders of the Suffolk County Detectives Association, who had a nearly 44-year career in the county police department, died April 30, 2019. He was 73.

Ann Hillary Scott

Credit: Knott family

Actress Ann Hillary Knott of Southampton, the widow of "Dial M for Murder" and "Wait Until Dark" playwright Frederick Knott, died March 27, 2019, of complications from colon cancer. Knott, shown in a 1954 photo with Alfred Hitchcock, was 93.

Credit: Daniel Brennan

 Pasfield "made everyone around him better, just an undeniable talent," said one of his partners at The Brixton.   

Dr. Bertram Kertzner

Credit: Kertzner family

Dr. Bertram Kertzner, an internist, one of 10 doctors who opened the Huntington Medical Group on Pulaski Road in 1958, died of pneumonia April 22, 2019. Kertzner, shown in an undated photo, was 98.

Gordon McLeod

Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Gordon McLeod, who was publisher of Newsday and its sister commuter paper amNewYork for more than two years until July 2016, died April 26, 2019, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. McLeod, shown in a March 2015 photo, was 60.

Robin Hopkins Amper

Credit: Long Island Pine Barrens Society

Robin Hopkins Amper, a Lake Panamoka resident who was the steadying force in battles to protect the Long Island pine barrens and their environment, alongside her husband, died April 26, 2019 after a four-year battle with metastatic breast cancer. Amper, shown in an undated photo, was 72.

Marcia O'Brien

Credit: Kathleen Schlichtig

Marcia O'Brien, who led the Nassau County Office of Cultural Development for 12 years, died March 25, 2019 after a bout with pneumonia. O'Brien, shown in an undated photo, was 95.

Dorothy Valenti

Credit: Valenti family

Dorothy Frances Valenti, of Baldwin, a winning bowler and skilled pistol shooter, died April 22, 2019. Valenti, shown in a 2006 photo with her husband John, was 81.

Cathy Moramarco

Credit: Moramarco family

Cathy Moramarco, who served 20 years on the Westbury village's planning board -- she spent a decade as the board's chairwoman -- and was a former president of Westbury's Business Improvement District, died March 26, 2019 of anemia. Moramarco, shown in an undated photo, was 76.

Jon-Michael Lasher

Credit: Danielle Baker

Jon-Michael Lasher, music director in Connetquot school district, died April 22, 2019, after a decade of living with brain cancer, from three surgeries to multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Lasher, of Selden, was 45.

Barbara Harrington

Credit: Harrington family

Barbara C. Harrington, a Bay Shore mother of seven who bound her family together with care and laughter and instilled a hard work ethic in her children, died April 20, 2019. She was 82.

Maria Hartman

Credit: Hartman family

Maria Hartman, co-founder of a group supporting Down syndrome children, died April 14, 2019, following a long struggle with Alzheimer's. Hartman, shown in a 1966 photo, was 83.

Rev. T. Chacko Mammen

Credit: Melvin Mammen

The Rev. T. Chacko Mammen, 69, of North Bellmore, was killed April 19, 2019, when a Honda rear-ended his vehicle on the Southern State Parkway, State Police said. Mammen, shown in an undated photo with his wife Wilsy, was 69.

Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Former Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer, who led the department during the tumultuous Gilgo Beach killings investigation and oversaw a boost in anti-gang policing and decreases in crime, died April 21, 2019, after a three-year battle with cancer. Dormer, shown in a 2011 photo, was 79.

Sister Cecilia Moloughney

Credit: Newsday/Steve Pfost

Cecilia Moloughney, who was 15 when she decided to leave her family behind in Ireland and travel to America to pursue her dream of becoming a nun, died April 5, 2019. Moloughney, shown in a 2017 file photo, was 102.

Credit: U.S. Marines

Marine Sgt. Robert A. Hendriks, of Locust Valley, died along with two other Marine reservists when their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb near the main U.S. base in Afghanistan on April 8, 2019. He was 25.

Kim Hardwick

Credit: Kenneth Braswell

Kim Hardwick, the principal of Clayton Huey Elementary School in Center Moriches, died April 15, 2019, after complications from surgery. Hardwick, shown in an October 2014 photo, was 50.

Marc St. Arromand

Credit: NYPD Highway Department

Marc St. Arromand, a veteran NYPD highway officer and married father of five from Elmont, was killed early Thursday in a motorcycle crash on the Laurelton Parkway in Queens as he rode to work, officials said. He was 42.

Dr. Louis Riina

Credit: Howard Schnapp

Dr. Louis Riina, a plastic surgeon in private practice who also served as assistant director of NUMC's burn center in East Meadow for more than a decade, died April 6, 2019, of gastric cancer. Riina, shown in a May 2016 file photo, was 56.

Rabbi Paul Kushner

Credit: Newsday/Bill Davis

Paul Kushner, a past president of the Long Island Board of Rabbis and a longtime rabbi of Reform Jewish synagogues in Bellmore and Merrick, died April 2, 2019, from cardiac arrest due to chronic renal disease. Kushner, shown in a 2007 file photo, was 81.

Patrick Vecchio

Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Former Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, the town's supervisor for a Long Island record 40 years, died April 6, 2019. Vecchio, shown in a November 2013 photo holding a picture of himself, lower left, as part of the security detail protecting then-Sen. John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, as they campaigned in New York in late October 1960, was 88.

Dominic Pascucci

Credit: Pascucci Family

Lifelong Glen Cove resident Dominic Pascucci, a longtime carpenter at LIU Post in Brookville, died March 27, 2019, of heart-related issues. He was 89.

William J. Johnston

Credit: Johnston family

William J. Johnston, who worked as a teacher, assistant principal and principal in the Farmingdale school district, died March 30, 2019. He was 86.

Eugene Murray

Credit: Newsday / Daniel Goodrich

Eugene J. Murray, the longest-sitting mayor in Rockville Centre history, died April 2, 2019 of natural causes. Murray, seen in 2007, was 93.

Sister Monica Kevin

Credit: Mike Dames

Sister Monica Kevin, who spent nearly a half-century at Fordham University and was the first woman -- and certainly the first nun -- to head the Faculty Senate and the first woman to serve on the Athletic Advisory Board, died March 24, 2019. She was 99.

Arlene Howard

Credit: Newsday/David L. Pokress

Arlene Howard, the mother of a Port Authority police officer killed on Sept. 11, 2001, and a symbol of a nation's grief after presenting President George W. Bush with her son's shield days after the attacks, died March 31, 2019, of congestive heart failure. Howard, shown in a 2004 file photo with President George W. Bush, was 95.

Guy Ladd Frost

Credit: Frost family

Guy Ladd Frost, a Roslyn and East Hampton architect and preservationist who had fought on behalf of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit auto track, died March 14, 2019. He was 85.

Sydney Finkelstein

Credit: Western Suffolk BOCES

Sydney Finkelstein, a trustee with Western Suffolk BOCES whose career as a board of education member spanned more than 50 years, died March 18, 2019. He was 95.

Daniel De Francisco

Credit: RiverheadLOCAL/Denise Civiletti

Daniel De Francisco, who had been one of only two World War II veterans remaining at Riverhead Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2476, died March 24, 2019. De Francisco, shown in a 2014 photo, was 94.

Victoria Ruvolo

Credit: Newsday/Karen Wiles Stabile

Victoria Ruvolo, who in a stunning act of kindness publicly forgave a teenager after he tossed a 20-pound turkey through her windshield in 2004, shattering every bone in the Lake Ronkonkoma woman's face, died March 25, 2019. Ruvolo, shown in an October 2011 file photo, was 59.

Alice Patricia Hsiu-Yun Liu Szema

Credit: Anthony Szema

Alice Patricia Hsiu-Yun Liu Szema, who left Taiwan to study in the United States, where she married, worked as a teacher and raised two children, died March 2, 2019, after a series of strokes. Szema, shown in an undated photo with her husband, Li-Chieh Szema, was 85.

Marty Noble

Credit: Newsday/Paul. J. Bereswill

Marty Noble, whose capacity to report on baseball and write artful prose about it was surpassed only by his love for the sport, died Mar. 24, 2019, during a trip to spring training in Florida. Noble was a mainstay on New York baseball coverage at Newsday for more than two decades and shaped the way the paper approached his favorite game. Noble, shown in an April 1991 file photo, was 70.

Jan Senecal

Credit: Northwell Health

Jan Senecal, who spent 63 years at North Shore University Hospital in administrative roles and as a volunteer -- and who held the distinction of being the institution's first employee -- died March 12, 2019 of natural causes. She was 92.

David Schlichting

Credit: John Kalish

Cyclist David Schlichting, of Great Neck, was killed March 17, 2019, when he was struck by a minivan while riding his bike in Lake Success. Schlichting, shown in an undated photo, was 66.

Credit: Julie Grower

Roberta Grower, a patron of the arts who was once the subject of a Citibank marketing poster on the Long Island Rail Road, died March 4, 2019. She was 84.

Ralph Marino

Credit: Marino family

World War II veteran Ralph Marino, a longtime East Meadow resident and advocate for disabled veterans, died March 7, 2019, of natural causes. Marino, shown in an undated photo with grandson Steven Marino, was 92.

Credit: Bonsignore family

Kimberley Bonsignore, of North Patchogue, died in a house fire March 11, 2019. She was 54.

Credit: Claire Hudak

Robert Hudak, of Levittown, who had a fierce love for all things athletic, died Jan. 22, 2019, of renal failure. He was 57.

Credit: James Carbone

Retired Suffolk County Family Court Judge Barbara Kahn, who presided over many high-profile criminal cases, died Mar. 14, 2019. Kahn, shown in a Mar. 2014 file photo, was 71.

Credit: Susan Birns family

Beverly Birns Atkins, a feminist and pioneer in women's and children's rights, died March 9, 2019, from pneumonia and complications from post-polio syndrome. Birns Atkins, shown in an undated photo, was 89.

Mamie E. Streeter Holmes

Credit: Chakia Billinger

Mamie Estelle Streeter Holmes, who founded a scholarship fund for college students and launched a program to honor seniors in her church, died of cardiopulmonary arrest Feb. 22, 2019. She was 104.

Credit: League of Women Voters of Suffolk County

Mary H. McLaughlin, the Suffolk League of Women Voters' legislative director who served as the group's watchdog over county government for a decade died Mar. 8, 2019, following a stroke a week earlier. McLaughlin, shown in a 2012 photo, was 86.

Credit: NYPD Twitter

NYPD Det. Brian Simonsen died from friendly fire during an attempted robbery in Queens on Feb, 12, 2019, police have said. Simonsen was 42.

Credit: Peter Dilauro

Francis Hedgeman Cooper, a science teacher and longtime civil rights and community activist, died March 2, 2019. Cooper, shown in a 2007 file photo, was 86.

John W. Clark

Credit: U.S. Navy

World War II veteran John W. Clark, who served as a radar operator in the Navy, raised a family of four, drove a bus for 36 years and then owned a small business, died March 6, 2019, of a pulmonary disorder. Clark, shown in a 1945 photo, was 92.

Credit: Anne Kenniff

Baldwin firefighter Michael J. Dolan III, an engineer by trade who dabbled in the theater arts and used both talents to help the people he loved, died Mar. 7, 2019, of stage 4 lung cancer. He was 29.

Margaret Lawler

Credit: Patrick Oehler

Margaret Lawler, a longtime North Lindenhurst resident who taught countless seniors how to line dance in classes at Tanner Park Senior Center, died Feb. 12 , 2019, of a stroke. Lawler, shown in a 2007 photo, was 89.

Credit: Barney Sofia

Joan Walker Conte, who dreamed of a New York City modeling career in the 1960s and '70s but never got it -- because, she believed, of the color of her skin -- died Feb. 16, 2019, of a heart attack. Conte, shown in a 1969 photo, was 75.

Credit: Damianos Realty Group

John Edward Damianos, a principal at the third-generation family business Damianos Realty Group, died unexpectedly Feb. 25, 2019. He was 67.

Credit: Nastro family

Frank J. Nastro Sr., one of the first senior FDNY commanders to respond to the Happy Land Social Club fire in 1990, died Feb. 12, 2019 of congestive heart failure. The Lynbrook resident was 88.

James J. von Oiste

Credit: von Oiste family

James J. von Oiste of Belle Terre, an attorney and Korean War veteran, died Feb. 9, 2019. He was 88.

Christopher Becker

Credit: Chris Kelly

Christopher Becker of Hicksville died Feb. 17, 2019, after a snowmobile accident upstate that occurred the day before. He was 44.

Thelma Siben

Credit: Siben family

Arts patron, activist and entrepreneur Thelma Siben of Manhattan and formerly Bay Shore died Feb. 20, 2019. She was 91.

Anthony J. Pecorale Jr.

Credit: Erica Pecorale

Anthony J. Pecorale Jr., a leader in several Long Island school systems, serving as a principal, curriculum chairman and superintendent of two Suffolk County districts, as well as an interim top administrator in nearly a dozen districts, died Feb. 12, 2019. He was 83.

Bob Ottone

Credit: Newsday / Marshall Lubin

Bob Ottone, of East Islip, public address announcer for the Long Island Ducks, died Feb. 17, 2019, of cardiac arrest. Ottone, shown in an undated file photo, was 72.

Brian Simonsen

Credit: NYPD Twitter

NYPD Det. Brian Simonsen, 42, of the 102nd Precinct, was fatally shot in the chest in friendly fire outside a T-Mobile store on Atlantic Avenue and 120th Street in Richmond Hill, Queens, on Feb. 12, 2019. The detective, who grew up in South Jamesport and lived in Calverton for about 10 years, was killed when he and his supervisor responded to an attempted armed robbery at the store.

Joan R. Saltzman

Credit: ERASE Racism

Joan R. Saltzman, an advocate for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities who worked for decades to further racial and social justice on Long Island and helped found organizations to assist others, died Feb. 9, 2019. She was 99.

Erwin P. Staller

Credit: Staller Center for the Arts/Courtesy of Staller Center

Erwin P. Staller, a Long Island real estate developer and noted philanthropist of the arts, died Feb. 11, 2019. Staller, center, shown in a 1993 photo with Jazz great Wynton Marsalis and his wife Pearl, was 97.

Bob Higgins

Credit: Ellen Higgins

Bob Higgins, of Coram, who was an assistant coach of the St. Anthony's High School boys track and field team for 11 years, died of brain cancer Feb. 11, 2019. He was 57.

Credit: Hofstra University

Bruce A. Lister of Baldwin, a longtime food-industry executive and Hofstra University benefactor, died in February. He was 96.

Fred Kienle

Credit: Kienle family

Fred Kienle, former mayor and fire chief of Lindenhurst, died Jan. 8, 2019, from prostate cancer. He was 87.

Joseph Koenenn

Credit: James L.L. Morrison

Joseph C. Koenenn, who spent 26 years working at Newsday in arts and entertainment, died Feb. 6, 2019, after a stroke in December. He was 88.

John Bohannon

Credit: Heather Walsh

Veteran broadcast journalist John Bohannon, who covered the assassination of John Lennon while working at CBS, and for the past 15 years hosted "The Jazz Cafe" for Hofstra radio station WRHU/88.7 FM, died Jan. 8, 2019. Bohannon, who had ALS, was 82. He is shown in an April 2014 photo.

Frank Soliwoda

Credit: Yeong-Ung Yang

Frank Soliwoda, a World War II Army veteran who went ashore at Normandy to fight the Nazis, survived the brutal Battle of the Bulge six months later, and eventually rose to the rank of first sergeant, died Feb. 8, 2019. Soliwoda, shown in a November 2018 photo, was 101.

Sam Maratto

Credit: Christina Reyes

Sam Maratto, a former youth football coach and longtime Huntington resident, died Jan. 31, 2019. He was 65.

Patrick Sloyan

Credit: Newsday / Jim Peppler

Patrick Sloyan, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992 for uncovering how U.S. troops buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive with tanks outfitted with plows and also revealed that many of the 46 U.S. combat deaths were caused by friendly fire, died Feb. 4, 2019, of cancer. Sloyan, shown left, as he listens to Newsday editor Tony Marro during a celebration of his Pulitzer Prize win on April 7, 1992, was 82.

Bunny North

Credit: Steve North

Bunny North, of Great Neck, who escaped Nazi Germany in the mid-1930s with her parents, died Jan. 12, 2019, after a long battle with cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disease known as ALS. She was 89.

George Grebe

Credit: Grebe family

World War II veteran George Grebe, who learned roadwork by cutting airstrips in the Marines during World War II in the Pacific theater and went on to help build major Long Island thoroughfares such as Sunrise Highway and Hempstead Turnpike, died Nov. 16, 2019. He was 93.

Muriel Neufeld

Credit: Neufeld Family

Muriel Neufeld, a humanist who fought against racial discrimination, capital punishment and gun violence for more than a half-century, bringing about social changes on Long Island and elsewhere, died Jan. 25, 2019. She was 98.

John Corso

Credit: St. Dominic High School

John Corso, athletic director of St. Dominic High School who led the Oyster Bay school's athletic program since 2010 after a career of officiating NCAA basketball games and serving as Hofstra's director of men's basketball operations, died Jan. 26, 2019, of bladder cancer. He was 58.

Credit: Lewin family

Norman "Norm" Lewin, an aeronautical engineer and executive who helped develop the lunar module and avert a calamity on Apollo 13 during his 37-year career at Grumman Corp., has died of natural causes, Jan. 14, 2019.

Donald Lister

Credit: U.S. Navy

Navy veteran Donald Lister, a longtime Roslyn resident, died Jan. 7, 2019 of kidney failure. He was 93.

Fadi Rafeh

Credit: SCPD

Suffolk County Police Officer Fadi Rafeh, an investigator in the Fifth Precinct who also served as an Arabic translator, died unexpectedly Jan. 13, 2019. He was 38.

Gini Booth

Credit: Booth family

Ginij Booth, a rights advocate who championed adult literacy, died Jan. 2, 2019. She was 71.

Cynthia Perkins-Roberts

Credit: Roberts family

Cynthia Perkins-Roberts, of Westbury, a television executive who dedicated herself to multicultural marketing and creating diversity initiatives for decades, died Jan. 1, 2019 of complications from colon cancer. She was 54.

Fred Kuhne

Credit: Steve Silverman

Fred Kuhne, the last surviving charter member of the original 40 residents who founded the volunteer fire department in Dix Hills in 1947, died Dec. 20, 2018. He was 88.

Susan Lupinacci

Credit: Lupinacci family

Susan Lupinacci, a lifelong Huntington Station resident and the mother of Huntington Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci, died Jan. 15, 2019, of heart complications. She was 67.

Burton Koza

Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

Burton Koza, a longtime Copiague resident and Lindenhurst teacher who also served on Babylon Town's planning and zoning boards, died Jan. 2, 2019, from what family believe was a heart attack. Koza, shown in an October 2011 photo, was 72.

Seth Luker

Credit: Allison Schneider

Wellness entrepreneur Seth Luker, of Merrick, died Dec. 22, 2018, from colon cancer. He was 40.

Paul Conte

Credit: Conte family

Paul Conte, a World War II veteran who ran a successful Freeport Cadillac dealership for nearly 40 years, died Jan. 1, 2019. He was 93.

Catherine Pirrone

Credit: Pirrone Family

Catherine Pirrone, who served for 43 years in the tax collections department and as treasurer for Long Beach, died Dec. 26, 2018, after being diagnosed with brain cancer. She was 78.

Mary Ann Galterio

Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa

Former Army Capt. Mary Ann Galterio, who treated gravely wounded soldiers aboard a hospital ship during America's first major World War II sea battle with Japan and later raised three children in Garden City with an Army major she married the year after the war's end, died Jan. 5, 2019. Galterio, shown in an October 2016 file photo, was 101.

Otto Delikat

Credit: Dave Robbins

Otto Delikat, a Holocaust survivor, who settled in Oceanside in 1957, lived there until 2008 and was a respected businessman and member of his temple, died in an accidental fall on Dec. 23 in Coral Gables, Fla. He was 96.

Michael Economos

Credit: The Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island

Michael Economos, an actuary by day and an actor by night, "dazzling" Long Island community theater audiences with his high-energy musical performances, died Dec. 24, 2018, just eight months after a brain tumor diagnosis. He was 55.

Robert Brandt

Credit: Newsday/Michael E. Ach

Robert Brandt, who retired after serving more than 15 years as managing editor at Newsday, died Dec. 28, 2018. Brandt, shown in a 2001 photo, was 72.

John Copertino

Credit: Newsday / John H. Cornell Jr.

Former state Supreme Court Justice John Copertino, a highly respected and scholarly judge who possessed a commanding knowledge of the law, died of cardiac arrest Dec. 20, 2018. Copertino, shown in a Nov. 1999 photo, was 90.

Kimberly Greer

Credit: Fordham University School of Law/Rob Yasharian

Kimberly Greer, 28, a federal law clerk who taught at Fordham Law School, died after being struck by a bus in Manhattan on Dec. 20, 2018.

Fred De Feis

Credit: Newsday / J. Michael Dombroski

Fred De Feis, artistic director of the Arena Players in Farmingdale, died Dec. 20, 2018. De Feis, shown in a January 1998 photo, was 92.

Robert Young

Credit: Young Family

Robert Young, who served as both president and associate director for Section XI, the governing body for Suffolk County high school sports, died Nov. 30, 2018. He was 92.

Melvin Jackson

Credit: Jackson Family

Melvin Jackson, a community activist who opened employment doors for minorities across Long Island and once marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement, died Dec. 15, 2018. He was 86.

Richard Rocco Famighetti

Credit: East Farmingdale Fire Department

World War II veteran Richard Rocco Famighetti, of East Farmingdale, died Nov. 17, 2018, of pneumonia. He was 93.

Credit: SCPD

Suffolk Police Det. Stephen Mullen, a decorated and revered 26-year veteran and Massapequa resident, died Dec. 14, 2018, of cancer he contracted while responding to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. He was 55.

Martin Topf

Credit: Stephanie Topf-Masheb

Martin Topf of East Meadow, a Korean War veteran, inventor and engineer, died Nov. 18, 2018, of congestive heart failure. Topf, shown in a 2011 photo, was 83.

Jay Francis Korth

Credit: Korth family

World War II veteran Jay Francis Korth, who went on to become a well-known negligence attorney in Lynbrook, died Dec. 3, 2018, after a brief illness. He was 99. Newsday's obituary for Jay Francis Korth

Renzie Lamb

Credit: Stephanie Lamb

Renzie Lamb, longtime football and lacrosse coach who was an offensive guard and a linebacker at Hofstra University, died of natural causes Nov. 17, 2018. He was 81. Newsday's obituary for Renzie Lamb

Lawrence H. Weber

Credit: Gregory Weber

Lawrence H. Weber, a World War II veteran who later moved to Levittown, died Nov. 9, 2018, of heart failure. He was 93. Newsday's obituary for Lawrence H. Weber

Santo Squillacioti

Credit: Sandy Schaeffer

Santo Squillacioti, a longtime West Islip resident whose survival of one of World War II's grimmest battles produced memories that remained etched in his psyche the rest of his life, died Dec. 1, 2018. Squillacioti, shown in a 2014 photo, was 96. Newsday's obituary for Santo Squillacioti

Peter Collins

Credit: Jack McCoy

Peter Collins, who is credited with expanding the Long Island Junior Soccer League to nearly 1,500 teams, died Dec. 1, 2018. He was 87. Newsday's obituary for Peter Collins

Salvatore Mascolo Jr.

Credit: Annemarie DeFelice

Army veteran and Mets fan Salvatore Mascolo Jr. of Plainview died Nov. 23, 2018, of heart disease. Mascolo, shown with his wife, Mary Lou, was 69. Newsday's obituary for Salvatore Mascolo Jr.

Al Grand

Credit: Grand family

Former teacher Al Grand, who loved the operas of Gilbert and Sullivan which he intertwined with his Jewish heritage, died Nov. 14, 2018 of heart disease. He was 88. Newsday's obituary for Al Grand

James McDonald

Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Monsignor James McDonald, who also ministered at eight parishes in the Diocese of Rockville Centre over five decades, died Nov. 16, 2018. McDonald, shown in a November 1996 photo, was 77. Newsday's obituary for Monsignor James McDonald

Irv Gordon

Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan

Irv Gordon, a lifelong East Patchogue resident who set world records and traveled more than 3 million miles behind the wheel of his cherry-red 1966 Volvo, collapsed Nov. 15, 2018 while traveling in a remote, mountainous region of China for promotional work with Volvo Cars and is believed to have died of a heart attack. Gordon, shown in a 2010 photo, was 78. Newsday's obituary for Irv Gordon

Li-Chieh Szema

Credit: Szema family

Li-Chieh Szema, a General Electric engineer who came out of retirement to study the American Airlines Flight 587 crash, died Nov. 16, 2018, from injuries caused by a subdural hematoma. Szema, shown with his wife, Alice, on their wedding day in 1964, was 88. Newsday's obituary for Li-Chieh Szema

Michael Leiderman

Credit: Leiderman family

Michael Leiderman, a patron of Long Island baseball who helped hundreds of local players fulfill their baseball dreams for the past 35 years with managerial guidance and monetary support, died Nov. 18, 2018, from complications of ALS. Leiderman, a longtime Merrick resident, was 56. Newsday's obituary for Michael Leiderman

Lee Kopman

Credit: Jeremy Bales

Lee Kopman, an internationally renowned square dance caller from Wantagh who revolutionized the activity over five decades with his inventive choreography that challenged dancers with new, more complicated moves, died Nov. 13, 2018, of complications from bladder cancer. Kopman, shown in a 2015 file photo, was 85. Newsday's obituary for Lee Kopman

Richard Robertson Sr.

Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Richard Henry Robertson Sr., a World War II veteran who went on to become Huntington Town's first black police officer, died Nov. 1, 2018. Robertson, shown in a March 2014 file photo, was 95. Newsday's obituary for Richard Robertson Sr.

Kurt Salzinger

Credit: Hofstra University

Kurt Salzinger, who helped build Hofstra University's doctoral program in clinical psychology, died Nov. 8, 2018, weeks after a fall on a NYC subway platform. He was 89. Newsday's obituary for Kurt Salzinger

Gabriella Pellicani

Credit: Sweet Jojo Photography

Gabriella Pellicani, who was diagnosed in December with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, died Oct. 16, 2018. She was 5. Newsday's obituary for Gabriella Pellicani

Anthony Hanlon

Credit: NYPD

Anthony Hanlon, a retired NYPD officer who worked search and rescue at Ground Zero after the 9/11 terror attacks, died Oct. 21, 2018. Hanlon, who grew up in Merrick, died a day before his 50th birthday of multiple myeloma. Newsday's obituary for Anthony Hanlon

Helen Dejana

Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Helen Dejana, who worked as an office manager and bookkeeper at the same company for 70 years, died Oct. 18, 2018, of complications related to Alzheimer's disease. Dejana, shown in a 2012 file photo, was 96. Newsday's obituary for Helen Dejana

John D. Maguire

Credit: SUNY Old Westbury/John Butler

John D. Maguire, president emeritus of SUNY Old Westbury and a colleague of Martin Luther King Jr., died Oct. 26, 2018, after earlier suffering a stroke. Maguire, shown in a May 2011 photo, was 86. Newsday's obituary for John D. Maguire

Joseph L. Pidoto

Credit: NYPD

Joseph L. Pidoto, a New York City detective who aided in the relief effort following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and who was known for his kindness, died Oct. 26, 2018, of liver cancer. He was 51. Newsday's obituary for Joseph L. Pidoto

Richard Dibble

Credit: NYIT

Director at New York Institute of Technology's Center for Human Resource Studies Richard Dibble, who had muscular dystrophy from age 18, died Oct. 13, 2018 from respiratory failure related to the disease. Dibble, shown in an undated photo, was 71. Newsday's obituary for Richard Dibble

James Ginty

Credit: FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums

James Ginty, of Smithtown, who founded the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, died Oct. 15, 2018. Ginty, shown in an undated photo, was 84. Newsday's obituary for James Ginty

Madelyn Bowen

Credit: Amelia Cariddi

Madelyn Bowen, of Massapequa Park, died Oct. 6, 2018 after a battle with cancer. She was 21. Newsday's obituary for Madelyn Bowen

Dallas Gatewood

Credit: Newsday / Don Norkett

Dallas Gatewood III, a prolific former Newsday business reporter who chronicled how the economic downturn of the late 1980s devastated small farms on Long Island and across the country, died Oct. 18, 2018, after a brief illness. Gatewood, here in a 1983 file photo, was 71. Newsday's obituary for Dallas Gatewood

Charles Wang

Credit: Jim McIsaac

Charles Wang, a founder of CA Technologies who poured his vast wealth into philanthropic pursuits on Long Island and around the world, and into efforts to keep the Islanders on Long Island, died Oct. 21, 2018, of lung cancer. Wang, shown in a May 2011 photo, was 74. Newsday's obituary for Charles Wang

Novella Shockley

Credit: Shockley family

Novella Shockley, who moved with her family to Long Island in the early 1960s to escape racial intimidation in Delaware and was the district's only black teacher when she retired from the Plainedge school system nearly a quarter century later, died in her sleep on Oct. 10, 2018. Shockley, shown in an undated photo, was 99. Newsday's obituary for Novella Shockley

Thomas Karolyi

Credit: Adrienne Goldberg

Thomas Karolyi, who escaped the Holocaust and Communist Hungary and became a renowned Huntington schools music teacher and professional musician, died of lung cancer on Sept. 8, 2018, his wife said. He was 82. Newsday's obituary for Thomas Karolyi

Irving Like

Credit: Newsday / Bob Luckey

Irving Like, the top legal strategist in stopping the opening of the $6 billion Shoreham nuclear power plant and blocking state parks chief Robert Moses from building a highway across Fire Island, died Oct. 3, 2018, of cardiac arrest. Like, shown in a November 1979 photo, was 93. Newsday's obituary for Irving Like

Dennis Reichardt

Credit: SCPD

Retired Suffolk police sergeant Dennis Reichardt died Oct. 4, 2018 from 9/11-related pancreatic cancer. He was 64. Newsday's obituary for Dennis Reichardt

Leonard Pecora

Credit: Pecora family

World War II veteran Leonard Pecora , died Sept. 25, 2018 of lung cancer. He was 97. Newsday's obituary for Leonard Pecora

Joseph Agoglia

Credit: Agoglia family

Anthony Joseph Agoglia, a lifelong basketball player, World War II veteran, teacher and father of eight, died Sept. 12, 2018 of pneumonia complications. He was 93. Newsday's obituary for Joseph Agoglia

Chestene Coverdale

Credit: John Coverdale

Chestene Coverdale, who rose from a sharecropper family, taught in Long Island schools for three decades and later founded and ran the Greater Sayville Food Pantry, died Oct. 3, 2018, of complications from a stroke she had at the end of July. She was 82. Newsday's obituary for Chestene Coverdale

Peter Barry

Credit: Kevin Barry

Peter Barry, of Northport, an executive in the defense industry, died Sept. 23, 2018, of heart failure. He was 90. Newsday's obituary for Peter Barry

John F. Randolph

Credit: Randolph Family

John F. Randolph, a political novice elected Brookhaven supervisor as a Democrat in the 1970s, when Republicans dominated Suffolk's largest town, died Sept. 23. He was 77. Newsday's obituary for John F. Randolph

Margaret Krumholz

Credit: Heather Walsh

Margaret M. Krumholz, president of Hauppauge-based Disc Graphics Inc., died Sept. 20, 2018, a week after suffering a brain aneurysm. Krumholz, shown in a Dec. 2015 file photo, was 58. Newsday's obituary for Margaret Krumholz

Benjamin Chrzanoski

Credit: Ed Betz

Benjamin Chrzanoski, who was captured by Nazis during World War II and held as a prisoner of war for seven months, died Sept. 12, 2108. Chrzanoski, shown in a 2015 photo, was 94. Newsday's obituary for Benjamin Chrzanoski

Shirley Day Smith

Credit: New York Racing Association / Bob Coglianese

Shirley Day Smith, who spent more than 60 years as the administrative assistant in the press office for the New York Racing Association and its predecessors, died Sept. 20, 2018. Smith, shown in an undated photo, was 99. Newsday's obituary for Shirley Day Smith

John Elges

Credit: FDNY

John Elges, a retired Long Beach volunteer fire captain and FDNY firefighter, died Sept. 15, 2018, of 9/11-related cancer after a career with three bravery citations for searching for survivors at Ground Zero. He was 60. Newsday's obituary for John Elges

Don Kiley

Credit: Kiley, Kiley & Kiley

Don Kiley, a prominent Great Neck attorney who was remembered for his selflessness and as a loving patriarch to his large family, died Sept. 10, 2018, from cardiac arrest. He was 89. Newsday's obituary for Don Kiley

Credit: Botte family

Peter Botte, a retired NYPD detective, longtime Babylon resident, died Sept. 13, 2018, after a lengthy illness. He was 82. Newsday's obituary for Peter Botte

Evelyn Rodriguez

Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

Evelyn Rodriguez, who became a national voice against MS-13 gang violence after her teenage daughter was beaten to death in 2016, was fatally struck by an SUV on Sept. 14, 2018, in Brentwood following a dispute with the driver over the placement of a memorial to her child. Rodriguez, shown in a November 2016 photo, was 50. Newsday's obituary for Evelyn Rodriguez

Alan Fricke

Credit: Fricke family

Alan Fricke, of Bayport, who founded, owned and operated Alan E. Fricke Memorials, died Sept. 3, 2018, from medical complications including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 88. Newsday's obituary for Alan Fricke

George Peck

Credit: Rick Kopstein

Judge George Peck, who successfully prosecuted dozens of homicide cases in Nassau County, including the Long Island Rail Road massacre killer Colin Ferguson, died Sept. 12, 2018. Peck, shown in a 2003 photo, was 75. Newsday's obituary for George Peck

Monnie Sue Murtha

Credit: Catherine Kent

Longtime teacher Monnie Sue Murtha died of heart failure on Aug. 27, 2018. She was 84. Newsday's obituary for Monnie Sue Murtha

Annie Bleiberg

Credit: Bleiberg family

Holocaust survivor Annie Bleiberg of Woodbury died Aug. 1, 2018. Bleiberg, shown with husband David Bleiberg on their wedding day in 1946, was 97. Newsday's obituary for Annie Bleiberg

John Gutleber

Credit: Castagna Realty Co. Inc.l

Real Estate executive John Gutleber of Brookville died Sept. 7, 2018, of complications from pneumonia. He was 71. Newsday's obituary for John Gutleber

Steven Walerstein

Credit: Northwell Health

Dr. Steven Walerstein, of Dix Hills, who had been a physician, senior administrator at Long Island hospitals, a professor and mentor, died Sept. 5, 2018. He was 63. Newsday's obituary for Steven Walerstein

Dennis Holland

Credit: Caroline Facella

Dennis Holland, a former Locust Valley resident who poured the grief from his sister's killing into advocating for victims' rights, consoling families and advancing state legislation, died Aug. 16, 2018, of complications from pneumonia. He was 53. Newsday's obituary for Dennis Holland

Elliot Kazan

Credit: Newsday / Dick Yarwood

Elliot Kazan, known as "the Father of the Warthog" for his role in developing a popular military jet in use for more than 40 years, died Aug. 9, 2018, from complications of sepsis. Kazan, shown in a 2003 photo, was 90. Newsday's obituary for Elliot Kazan

Pete Silvestri

Credit: Rocky Silvestri

Hospital chef Pete Silvestri, a lifelong Huntington resident, died Aug. 1, 2018 after battling lung, brain and bone cancer. He was 66. Newsday's obituary for Pete Silvestri

John Brancaccio

Credit: Jay Caruso

John Brancaccio, a devoted New York Yankees fan who has a heart center in Flower Hill named after him, died in his sleep on Aug. 18, 2018. He was 92. Newsday's obituary for John Brancaccio

Kevin O'Connell

Credit: O'Connell family

Kevin O'Connell, a retired electrician and part-time bartender who lived in Seaford, died Aug. 23, 2018, after years of living with melanoma. He was 76. Newsday's obituary for Kevin O'Connell

Michael T. McDonald

Credit: Diana McDonald

Michael T. McDonald, retired FDNY from Farmingville who worked at Ground Zero, died Aug. 11, 2018, of lung cancer. McDonald, here with his daughter Alyssa in 2012, was 64. Newsday's obituary for Michael T. McDonald

Mary Agosta

Credit: Vito Agosta

Mary Agosta, a nursery school teacher and founding member of the Harborfields Public Library, died Aug. 1, 2018, from congestive heart failure. She was 91. Newsday's obituary for Mary Agosta

Kenneth Jenkins

Credit: Jenkins Family

Kenneth Vincent Jenkins, an educator and mentor to students for more than 65 years, who began his career as a high school English teacher in the Rockville Centre school district and later was a professor at Nassau Community College, died July 15, 2018 of a heart attack. He was 89. Newsday's obituary for Kenneth Jenkins

Robert Harding

Credit: Newsday / Audrey Tiernan

Former Marine Corps Pvt. Robert Leroy Harding, of Roosevelt, who was both proud of the 2012 Congressional Gold Medal bestowed upon the Montford Point Marines, and humiliated by segregation that made that group a mostly forgotten footnote, died Aug. 7, 2018 of a lung infection. Harding, shown in a May 2013 photo, was 89. Newsday's obituary for Robert Harding

David Stein

Credit: Barbara Pastore

David Stein of Malverne, 70, "a longtime associate of promoter and producer Sid Bernstein" who did work in the music industry in the late '60s and early '70s, died July 23, 2018 from spinal surgery complications. Stein, shown in an undated photo, was 70. Newsday's obituary for David Stein

Joan Boes

Credit: Ray Muntz

Westbury Deputy Mayor and Trustee Joan M. Boes died Aug. 7, 2018. Boes, shown in an undated photo, was 77. Newsday's obituary for Joan Boes

Andrew Wittman

Credit: Jennifer Wittman-Cahill

Andrew T. Wittman Jr., an honorary chief of the Brentwood Fire Department who worked as a court clerk and firearms instructor, died June 12, 2018. He was 84. Newsday's obituary for Andrew Wittman

Timothy Heyward Smith

Credit: Cynthia Healey

Timothy Heyward Smith, a longtime Hofstra University professor of education known for serving as a moral compass and mentor with his kindness and deep curiosity about the world, died Aug. 4, 2018. He was 84. Newsday's obituary for Timothy Heyward Smith

James Henderson

Credit: Pasquale Tirino

James "Jimmy" Henderson, a longtime member of the East Moriches Fire Department and security guard at the Central Moriches school district, died July 31, 2018, of cancer. He was 78. Newsday's obituary for James Henderson

Ralph Boettger

Credit: Newsday

Ralph Boettger, a former Newsday circulation manager and longtime Levittown resident, died Nov. 10, 2017. He was 95. Newsday's obituary for Ralph Boettger

Marvin Dozier

Credit: Andrea L. Dozier.

The Rev. Marvin Dozier, a longtime pastor and founder of the Southold Anti-Bias Task Force, has died. He also became the first African-American president of the Southampton School Board in 2005 and was head of the Southampton Youth Association. Newsday's obituary for Marvin Dozier

George Williams

Credit: Adelia Lubitz

George L. Williams, a longtime teacher and historian in Port Washington, died July 15, 2018, of natural causes. He was 87. Newsday's obituary for George Williams

David Knickerbocker

Credit: John Dietz

David Knickerbocker, an outdoor enthusiast whose three decades at Newsday took readers from the ocean spray of competitive yacht racing to the frozen bumps of Olympic ski slopes, died last week. He was 88. Newsday's obituary for David Knickerbocker

Kenneth W. Lawson

Credit: Lawson family

Kenneth W. Lawson, a longtime teacher in the Hempstead and Lynbrook school districts who was known for his generosity, died June 29, 2018, of lung cancer. He was 92. Newsday's obituary for Kenneth W. Lawson

Sheila Saks

Credit: Creative Compositions

Sheila Saks, an influential past president and member of the House Beautiful Dix Hills Civic Association, died July 18, 2018, of endometrial cancer. The 48-year Dix Hills resident was 75. Newsday's obituary for Sheila Saks

Alan Whelan

Credit: Whelan family

Alan Whelan, the Williston Park founder of a popular New York City rugby club, died July 8, 2018, of cancer. He was 79. Newsday's obituary for Alan Whelan

Patrick Henry

Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Patrick Henry, a dominant figure in Suffolk's criminal justice system for three decades as the county's Republican district attorney, a state Supreme Court Justice and a mentor to a generation of prosecutors and jurists, died July 22, 2018, after suffering cardiac arrest a week earlier. Henry, shown in a Dec. 1986 photo, was 88. Newsday's obituary for Patrick Henry

John Meisten

Credit: Meisten family

Former FBI special agent John Nicholas Meisten III, the Long Island native who oversaw the criminal investigation into John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981, died June 30, 2018, after an eight-year battle with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Meisten, shown with his wife, Catherine Ann Layne Meisten, was 76 Newsday's obituary for John Meisten

Albert Vessa

Credit: Virginia Vessa

Albert Vessa, a West Hempstead musician, composer and teacher who shined shoes as a teenager to pay for clarinet lessons and later played in an Army band before opening his own music school and store, died July 3, 2018, of complications after a fall about a month ago. He was 90. Newsday's obituary for Albert Vessa

Charlie Bunger

Credit: Newsday / Kathy Kmonicek

Charlie Bunger, a West Gilgo resident who owned and operated Bunger Surf Shop in Babylon for 56 years, died July 2, 2018, of lymphoma. Bunger, shown in an August 2003 photo, was 77. Newsday's obituary for Charlie Bunger

Alfred Klages

Credit: Klages family

Alfred Klages of Seaford, who held many jobs over his lifetime, including as an NYPD officer who helped deliver 13 babies, died May 9, 2018, of cancer. He was 89. Newsday's obituary for Alfred Klages

Dan Ingram

Credit: Gettty Images / WireImage / James Devaney

Dan Ingram, the beloved disc jockey and voice of New York radio during a five-decade run, died June 24, 2018. Ingram, shown in a June 2003 photo, was 83.

Frank Jones

Credit: Jones family

Frank Jones, a former Islip supervisor and chief deputy county executive who cut through a web of scandal to open long-delayed $1 billion Southwest Sewer District and served as Suffolk's field general at the height of the war to stop the Shoreham nuclear plant, has died. He was 88. Newsday's obituary for Frank Jones

Peter Creedon

Credit: Creedon family

Peter Creedon, a longtime Sachem schools educator credited with coining the district's moniker, Flaming Arrows, died June 15, 2018, from complications of Parkinson's disease. He was 90. Newsday's obituary for Peter Creedon

Ronald Spadafora

Credit: FDNY

FDNY Chief Ronald Spadafora, who supervised rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero, died June 23, 2018, of a World Trade Center-related illness, according to the FDNY. He was 63. Newsday's obituary for Ronald Spadafora

Francine Kritchek

Credit: Mari Tabatadze

Francine Kritchek of Hicksville, a co-founder of 1 in 9, The Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition, died April 18, 2018, of sepsis and respiratory failure. She was 94.

Brian Donovan

Credit: Newsday / Tony Jerome

Brian Donovan, a tenacious Pulitzer Prize-winning Newsday reporter whose work exposed widespread government corruption and police abuses in the disability pension system, died June 20, 2018, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Donovan, shown in a May 2000 photo, was 77. Newsday's obituary for Brian Donovan

Sheila Croke

Credit: Ellen Slater

Sheila Croke, a leader in Long Island's peace movement who vigorously opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, died June 19, 2018, after a long illness. She was 89. Newsday's obituary for Sheila Croke

Audrey "Doc" Hebling

Credit: Amanda Lindner

Audrey "Doc" Hebling, a former model, NASA scientist and physics teacher, died June 18, 2018, in a fire that broke out in her Queens home. She was 82. Newsday's obituary for Audrey "Doc" Hebling

Betty Jane Bockmann

Credit: Barbara Ippolito

Betty Jane Bockmann, who with her husband and daughter was among the 300 families to be part of the foundation of Levittown, died June 3, 2018. Bockmann, a longtime Wantagh resident, was 95. Newsday's obituary for Betty Jane Bockmann

Kevin Rooney

Credit: Oil Heat Institute of Long Island

Kevin Rooney, who served as chief executive officer of the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island, died June 9, 2018, of pancreatic cancer. He was 68. Newsday's obituary for Kevin Rooney

Larry Austin

Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Larry Austin, who founded a company that became Long Island's largest travel agency, died June 11, 2018. Austin, shown in an April 2011 photo, was 87. Newsday's obituary for Larry Austin

Bob Christman

Credit: Tricia Christman

Korean War veteran and retired CPA Bob Christman, of New Hyde Park, died at age 86. Newsday's obituary for Bob Christman

William J. Flynn

Credit: Mutual of America

William J. Flynn, who played a role in Irish peace talks in the 1990s, died of natural causes at his home in Garden City on June 2, 2018. He was 91. Newsday's obituary for William J. Flynn

Credit: Russ Miller

Elaine Holstein, whose son Jeffrey Miller became a symbol of the nation's anguish over the Vietnam War on May 4, 1970, when he was killed during a demonstration on the campus of Kent State University, died May 26, 2018, of cancer. She was 96.

John DiNoto

Credit: DiNoto family

Former state Supreme Court Justice John DiNoto died May 9, 2018, of complications from renal cancer. He was 83. Newsday's obituary for John DiNoto

Joe Pintauro

Credit: Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

Joe Pintauro, a former priest who became a prolific playwright and author, died on May 29 at his Sag Harbor home. He was 87. Newsday's obituary for Joe Pintauro

Alexis Zayas

Credit: Zayas family

Alexis Zayas, 27, of East Meadow, died June 4, 2018, after a weekend skydiving accident in Orange, Massachusetts. Newsday's obituary for Alexis Zayas

Sheldon Wagner

Credit: Sidney Wagner

Sheldon Wagner, known as the "unofficial mayor of Malverne," died May 30, 2018. He was 89. Newsday's obituary for Sheldon Wagner,

Sharon Korbel

Credit: Bill Korbel

Sharon Korbel, the wife of longtime News 12 Long Island chief meteorologist Bill Korbel, whom relatives described as a sweet woman who would do anything for anyone and loved an old-fashioned garage sale, died May 30, 2018, of a cerebral hemorrhage. Korbel, shown in an undated photo with her husband, was 70. Newsday's obituary for Sharon Korbel

Vincent M. Albanese

Credit: Albanese Organization Inc.

Vincent M. Albanese, co-founder of Albanese Organization Inc., the privately owned developer behind the Wyandanch Village development, died May 26, 2018. He was 91. Newsday's obituary for Vincent M. Albanese

Anthony Scotto

Credit: Scotto family

Anthony Scotto, a World War II infantryman who taught social studies for 30 years at Kings Park High School, died May 22, 2018, of congestive heart failure. He was 93. Newsday's obituary for Anthony Scotto

Amanda Abbate

Credit: Abbate family

Amanda Abbate died May 12, 2018, after a two-year battle with cervical cancer. She was 29. Newsday's obituary for Amanda Abbate

Peter F. Clark

Credit: Jim Clark

Peter F. Clark Jr. -- a Shakespeare scholar who taught high school English and became an administrator at several Huntington Town schools before returning to the classroom to finish his career -- died May 19, 2018, of respiratory failure. He was 73. Newsday's obituary for Peter F. Clark

Lou Schwartz

Credit: Newsday / Jim Peppler

Lou Schwartz, who rose to executive editor of Newsday as he helped shape it through its years of greatest growth, died May 19, 2018. Schwartz, second from right, shown in a 1972 file photo with editor David Laventhol, left, news editor Dick Estrin and Dennis Hevesi, right, was 86. Newsday's obituary for Lou Schwartz

Stanley Fleishman

Credit: Fleishman family

Stanley Fleishman, a longtime resident and civic booster of Long Beach who lived part time in Boca Raton, Florida, died May 18, 2018. He was 89. Newsday's obituary for Stanley Fleishman

Kurt Fritzsche

Credit: Randee Daddona

Baker Kurt Fritzsche, who worked most of his life at the Sayville bakery his father founded in 1926, died May 4, 2018, of natural causes. Fritzsche, shown in a January 2014 photo, was 89. Newsday's obituary for Kurt Fritzsche

Sam Marino

Credit: Marino family

Sam Marino of Centereach, who held several positions during his 29-year career at Newsday, died May 2, 2018. He was 62. Newsday's obituary for Sam Marino

Margery Lemon Brown

Credit: Farmingdale State College

Margery Lemon Brown, chairwoman of the English and humanities department at Farmingdale State College and an expert on ancient languages and medieval literature, died May 8, 2018, from a neck fracture due to a fall eight days earlier. She was 68. Newsday's obituary for Margery Lemon Brown

Shelley LaFauci

Credit: Larry Levenberg

Shelley Brenner LaFauci, a warmhearted retired elementary school teacher who taught for 31 years in the Rockville Centre district, died unexpectedly of unknown causes on April 20, 22018. She was 69. Newsday's obituary for Shelley LaFauci

Francis Kiernan

Credit: Jean Rosenow

Francis Kiernan, a World War II veteran who coached East Hampton High School sports teams to local championships, died April 13, 2018, of natural causes. He was 107. Newsday's obituary for Francis Kiernan

Gordon Hall

Credit: Hall family

Gordon Hall, a Nissequogue official who guided the village as it grew from a collection of country estates into a modern municipality in the 1960s, died March 9, 2018, of Alzheimer's disease. He was 93. Newsday's obituary for Gordon Hall

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