PHOENIX – The Jets can’t mention the name Aaron Rodgers or really speak about him at all since he’s currently a member of the Green Bay Packers. But Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh expressed confidence that the quarterback who shall not be named will be a Jet - eventually.

“I’m not hitting the panic button,” Saleh said Monday. “I’m confident that things are going to work out. I’m a very positive person and optimistic, so I’m very confident that things will go the way that we’re hoping.”

Douglas, for the first time, acknowledged publicly that he has had trade discussions with the Packers for Rodgers.

The Jets and Packers are at a stalemate with regards to compensation in a Rodgers’ trade.

Green Bay reportedly wants the Jets’ first-round pick this year. The Jets view the No. 13 pick as very valuable and don’t want to trade for someone who may only suit up for them for one year. So they’re locked in a stare-down that could go on until just before the NFL Draft.

“There’s been some productive conversations,” Douglas said. “We’re not where we need to be yet. But I feel like we’re in a good place.”

Rodgers said two weeks ago that his “intention” is to play for the Jets. The wait seems endless for Jets’ fans praying the four-time MVP will join their team. Douglas seems calm and worry-free. He said there’s “no hard deadline” and “not a ton of urgency” from the Jets’ standpoint.

Talks are expected to heat up leading to next month’s draft. Draft capital will be a big part of this deal.

“Still very optimistic,” Douglas said.

All of the NFL has descended on Phoenix for the Annual League Meetings. Douglas was seen speaking privately to Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst. Douglas said he’s known Gutekunst for more than 20 years and the two were just catching up.

“Nothing official and nothing planned,” Douglas said. “It was good to catch up.”

There is no real Plan B for the Jets. It’s Rodgers or bust.

As of now, Zach Wilson is the only quarterback on the Jets’ roster. Saleh said Wilson is the No. 2 quarterback. They’re still working on acquiring their No. 1 guy - Rodgers.

Douglas said they would not engage the Ravens in conversations for Lamar Jackson, who revealed Monday that he requested a trade more than three weeks ago. Douglas said it would be “disingenuous” if he did and he won’t operate or negotiate “in bad faith.”

“We feel comfortable with the plan we have in place,” Douglas said. “We’re going to let this process play out.”

Douglas wouldn’t get into any of the exchanged proposals with the Packers, but he made it clear how much he values the No. 13 pick.

“You really have a great opportunity to bring in a strong player,” Douglas said. “Picking in the top 15, picking in the top 20 the odds of hitting on those guys usually go up.”

The Jets acquired the No. 42 pick from the Browns for Elijah Moore last week. They now have picks 42 and 43. Either or both could be used to get a deal done.

“I’m sure eventually they’ll figure something out,” Saleh said.

Saleh spoke for 30 minutes during the annual AFC Coaches Breakfast. He was asked directly or indirectly about Rodgers nearly 30 times and Saleh did a masterful job of never saying his name and evading questions while still answering them.

He said he would have liked the quarterback situation settled “three years ago,” but this is a process.

Clearly, the Jets would like this done before April 17, the start of the offseason program. But Rodgers is familiar with the system that new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett will run. Hackett was the Packers’ offensive coordinator for three years and is a reason Rodgers wants to play for the Jets.

“For sure, if there’s great rapport with the coordinator, there’s no urgency,” Saleh said. “The quarterback, if he understands the system, if the quarterback knows it, it’s just a matter of refining skills and all that stuff. So there’s no hurry on our end.”

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