Photo of (left to right) Steve Beuerlein, Adam Schein, Phil...

Photo of (left to right) Steve Beuerlein, Adam Schein, Phil Simms and Rich Gannon of CBS Sports Network for use with a Neil Best item in Sunday paper.

For many, many years, Phil Simms has been a regular on Mike Francesa's Sunday morning NFL preview show, but so far this season he has appeared only once.

Hmm. What gives?

"From a scheduling standpoint just carving out a time every week was just a little bit too difficult to do, on a week-to-week basis," said Simms' agent, Steve Rosner.

He cited Simms' duties surrounding the weekly CBS game he works with Jim Nantz as well as appearances on CBS Sports Network's new pregame show.

So what was up with that one appearance a couple of weeks back?

"That was a situation where all the stars lined up for him to jump on for a couple of minutes," Rosner said. "He cannot commit to [weekly appearances] because of all the other commitments that he has for CBS and also sometimes production-wise with his [game announcing] team."

Said Francesa: "Phil and I had a longstanding relationship and a longstanding agreement that seems to have changed this year and I don’t know all the reasons, but it think it’s fair to say that it has ended."

Nantz, a close friend of Francesa, has replaced Simms on the Sunday show.

The entire situation is a tad mysterious, but in matters such as this it often is helpful to refer a famous quote from the film version of "All the President's Men."

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