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Nassau's reassessment plan was meant to reduce settlements. They're up 48% since last year.

Almost 75% of Nassau homeowners who grieved their taxes this year won reductions, in spite of the county's massive effort to curb tax challenges.

Daughter of victim in 'Torso Killer' case talks about the grief that shaped her life

Darlene Altman — in an exclusive, in-depth interview with Newsday — described how her mother's killing affected her life.

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Port Jeff grads battle blaze minutes after getting diploma

The Port Jefferson students, who became full-fledged volunteers at the local fire department once they turned 17, whisked off their caps and gowns and donned firefighting garb.

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U.S. Senate panel rejects closing Northport VA emergency room

Northport's medical and surgical services would have shifted to area hospitals, with most care currently provided at the VA Medical Center campus eliminated, under recommedations by a Department of Veterans Affairs nationwide reorganization plan.

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