LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat gestures on court...

LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat gestures on court in the first quarter next to teammate Dwyane Wade #3 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5. (June 21, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

No more than an hour after the Heat topped the Thunder 121-106 in Game 5 of the finals to win the NBA championship did I have my first "2012-13 Vegas NBA odds" in my inbox.

There weren't too many surprises in RJ Bell from Pregame.com's initial odds, with Miami listed as 3-to-1 co-favorites to repeat as champs with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Chicago (5-to-1), San Antonio (7-to-1) and the Lakers (12-to-1) round out the top five.

After the Lakers, a pair of teams were probably listed a little too close to the top. Both the Mavericks (15-to-1) and Celtics (20-to-1) seem like teams that are more on their way down than on their way up. Dallas looked old and mediocre in this year's postseason, though if they manage to land Deron Williams, they'll obviously be serious title contenders. The Celtics, meanwhile, face the prospect of losing both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to free agency.

The Knicks are listed as 60-to-1, right in the middle of the pack, and bringing up the rear, as expected, is the Charlotte Bobcats at 150-to-1 . . . and even that seems a little generous.

The full list:

1. Miami Heat 3-to-1
2. Oklahoma City Thunder 3-to-1
3. Chicago Bulls 5-to-1
4. San Antonio Spurs 7-to-1
5. Los Angeles Lakers 12-to-1
6. Dallas Mavericks 15-to-1
7. Boston Celtics 20-to-1
7. Indiana Pacers 20-to-1
9. Los Angeles Clippers 30-to-1
10. Denver Nuggets 35-to-1
10. Memphis Grizzlies 35-to-1
12. Orlando Magic 40-to-1
13. Atlanta Hawks 60-to-1
13. Knicks 60-to-1
13. Philadelphia 76ers 60-to-1
16. Houston Rockets 80-to-1
17. Milwaukee Bucks 100-to-1
17. Minnesota Timberwolves 100-to-1
17. New Jersey Nets 100-to-1
17. Phoenix Suns 100-to-1
17. Portland Trail Blazers 100-to-1
17. Utah Jazz 100-to-1
17. Washington Wizards 100-to-1
24. Cleveland Cavaliers 120-to-1
24. New Orleans Hornets 120-to-1
24. Sacramento Kings 120-to-1
24. Toronto Raptors 120-to-1
28. Detroit Pistons 130-to-1
28. Golden State Warriors 130-to-1
30. Charlotte Bobcats 150-to-1

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